Outwitting Squirrels are the best way to keep your bird feeders safe

Outwitting Squirrels are the best way to keep your bird feeders safe

Since last spring I have been feeding birds in the backyard- a very rewarding hobby although sometimes very frustrating when the squirrel proof bird feeder fails to avoid a lot of the seeds to the varmints dinners. Early this month I bought specialized feeders t0o easy, quick tricks as well as daunt squirrels from attractive advantage of the birds buffet. This furry is indeed varmints and very cunning adversaries; they have long been afascinating and still frustration for gardeners and birds enthusiast.

Am kind enough to write out some tips for guys so let’s take a look at them!

Tips to keeping pesky squirrels out of the bird feeders:

Get your neighbor a birdfeeder too

Seriously you need to get your neighbors a squirrel proof bird feeder; reason being they will not be concerned in outwitting squirrels hence, they will be in the neighborhood even if you deter them from checking your feeders. The neighborhood squirrels ill choose the easiest feeder to attack- your neighbor’s later yours.

Second, if it is hard to encourage your neighbor to feed the squirrels, um birds you need to keep a second feeder with nuts and make it easy for the squirrels hence they will leave the birdfeeder alone.

Third, try taking care of a friends dog- volunteer! With a dog in your yard, no squirrels will try to attack the feeders while the dog is around. You can even choose to keep a dog!

Keep a temporary office- it could be a rest area, play space near the feeder to keep squirrels away. Although, squirrels can get accustomed to humans losing their fear, deter from feeding them and they will keep away when you are around. More details here.

Tips to Squirrel-Proof a Birdfeeder

You need to make the squirrel proof bird feeder less accessible without restricting its appeal to the birds.

For the best result check out methods to squirrel-proof a birdfeeder.

  • Location: place the feeder away from the trees as they can jump distance of 10 feet’s or greater. Mount the birdfeeder on a pole six feet high-smooth metal pole and make sure not branches or bushes within a12-foot
  • Cages: protect the birder feeder using a cage that restricts squirrels but allows the smaller birds to feed from. You will still prevent the larger birds from accessing the feeders.
  • Baffles- a baffle above and below the birdfeeders to prevent squirrels fromgetting around them.
  • Cleanliness- the feeder area needs to clean and remove all debris including spilled seeds that could attract squirrels.
  • You still need spinners, use the proper feeding styles and use seed that squirrels do not To the extreme use traps and check with local wildlife to take the squirrels away.

 Cats. Lots of cats

Cats will always take a nap, but having several cats one will always be awake and keep on duty,

In the end, squirrels are just as much a part of backyard wildlife like birds. While it is likely to proof bird feeders for Cardinals and otherwise deters these callers from regular meals, an infrequent squirrel visit is to be expected at any backyard birdfeeder.

Find out more informations here: http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/plant-problems/pests/animals/squirrels-birdfeeders.htm

Types and Locations to Attract Different Species of Birds

Types and Locations to Attract Different Species of Birds

When you see birds and fall in love with them, you can create a safe little haven for them right in your backyard, so that you can enjoy the view whenever you want to. There are over 10,000 bird species in the world and all these birds, just like us,love the provision of food, water, shelter and security from predators. These are major issues that when they are taken into consideration, you will always have a flock of lovely birds in your backyard that to give you a smile and peace of mind as you can do your bird watching right from your balcony.

few simple considerations

The common types of bird species include the African Grey, Amazon, Cockatiel, Lovebirds, Budgerigar, Poicephalus, Macaw, Conure, Psittscula, and Cockatoosto name but a few. These different bird species live in various places and habitats but many species can be attracted to your garden and home by making a few simple considerations.if you need more info click here.

  • Gardens with attractive native, trees make perfect perches and shade for the birds. The trees should be ornamental to provide source of food, like cherries. You can also add a hedgerow planted around to help the birds rest while they feed. the garden should have a lawn to encourage the birds to feed on the worms and let some part of the garden be wild as this will attract more birds.Types and Locations to Attract Different Species of Birds
  • Water is another ingredient in your garden that is vital if you want to attract the birds. Create a location in which the birds can have a bath and this should be of different sizes to cover for a wide range of birds. Place some stones in the water and place it close to tree cover.
  • This location should have food to help attract the birds. Since there are various types of birds, they feed on different types of foods, thus you should provide variety. The feeder should be near cover and is better if it is a squirrel proof bird feeder. Keep the feeders clean and you can place them in different level (ground level, table level or can be hanging).
  • Use shelters that are attractive and can be placed on tree stems, walls under cover and at the quarters of the garden. This is very important as it welcomes the birds, encouraging them to mate and stay around. This way they will stay locally and eventually increase in numbers. Do not expose the nest box by having it face the sun, clean the box maybe once a year, and keep it dry and well ventilated. Also do not put the boxes too close to each other.

With this information on easy and effectiveways of attracting birds, I bet you can bring out the best of your garden or backyard. This will help you increase the number of native birds in your backyard or garden. Location is a key ingredient towards attracting the birds and maintaining them. Never forget their security as they need to be kept away from the predators for them to feel safe whilst they visi your garden.


Platform Bird Feeders Are Very Versatile

Platform Bird Feeders Are Very Versatile

Why do you think platform feeders are the best feeders for most birds? They are simply the best because they are able to efficiently feed different varieties of birds. These feeders can either be hanged from the ground during feeding or remain with short legs on the ground. There are some of us who have never even seen aplatform bird feeder. These feeders are like flat trays and they have short legs on either side, where others hangwithwires. There are other models of platform feeders that come with both the legs and hanging wire. These platform bird feeders are a great way to feed birds, especially to those who are doing so for the first time. These are squirrel proof bird feedersif hanged off the ground andthis feature makes them the greatest yet most simplebird feeders in the world.

These feeders are said to be versatile because of their features which are used by most people globallywho like feeding birds. An open tray has some advantages since it is easy to see and use unlike other feeders that you cannot easy use or even see the visitors. With platform feeders, the larger the feeder, the more the birds it can be able to accommodate and vice versa. With this kind of feeder you will not through seeds to the ground directly instead you will put them on the platform feeder that has short legs. It’s therefore crucial to some species of birds like the cardinals, juncos, mourning doves, doves, towhees, thrushes and many others. Every type of bird is able to easily learn on how to eat from these feeders and the seeds put on these trays are able to stay clean and dry at all times, because they don’t come in contact with the ground. Most of this kind of feeder made today are designed with a screen at the bottom which makes feeding easy and fast. You need to be cautious,however,when using these feedersas you need to ensure that your feeder is placed at least 10 feet from protective plants or any shrubs that might allow an approaching cat to hide inside. Below are some of the other factors that make the platform bird feeders to be very versatile.find out more here.

The platform bird feeders are easy to fill and clean

These is a unique feature that is not found in other feeders and therefore you could consider buying the platform feeder if you want a feeder that you can clean with ease and also fill with food in no time. You can also  view the birds well and even take photographs. The main drawbacks of using these feeders are that you may not hide the feed from squirrels if they are in the area unless you hang the feeder from the ground using wire. Another drawback about these feeders is that if it rains it may not be easy to protect the food.here you can find more ideas for bird feeders:http://www.gardenaccentheaven.com/birds-birdhouses-and-bird-feeders/

Platform Bird Feeders Are Very Versatile

They are easy to hang

This feature makes the platform bird feeders easy to use by birds while feeding, and you can easilyadd kitchen scraps or seeds and this platform design attractsa wide variety of birds like jays, titmice, tanagers, nuthatches, bluebirds, blackbirds, doves, finches, woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees and many others.


Building a Bird Feeder with Bird Feeder Plans

Building a Bird Feeder with Bird Feeder Plans

Bird feeders can be defined as devices that are used to supply food for birds. They are mostly placed outside the house in strategic places that attract the birds to come and feed on the food provided. The type of food placed on the bird feeders varies to accommodate the type of birds in the area as some prefer millet or sunflower seeds, while others like Niger seeds or safflower among other foods. The bird feeders can also be placed at bird watching sites, as this will attract them. This is an easier method to keep the birds together so that when tourists come along, they can easily watch the birds without hassle.

bird feeder plan

For one to build a bird feeder that has a bird feeder plan, you need to follow a procedure to achieve it. Below is a detailed step-by-step plan on how to build a bird feeder:

  • Gather all the basic materials you will need.This will range from an empty, clean and dry plastic gallon drum, some string, scissors, sticks or dowelsto use as perches, bird food, paint and other decorative materials too such asan aluminium plate if you would like to jazz it up.find out more here.
  • Mark at least one opening on the material and make a sizable hole, by using a pair of scissors to cut out the material.

Building a Bird Feeder with Bird Feeder Plans


  • Next, puncture holes for the perch if they are necessary, and if you need more holes, repeat the procedure.
  • Take a dowel and add it as a perch and adjust it until it balances well.
  • Create some sort of hook that you will use to hang your plastic drum on the outside. You can use string to tie knots well, ready for hanging.
  • Decorate your feeder with different materials to make it look attractive and then insert a few stones to help add some weight so it won’t topple in windy conditions.
  • Now the feeder is ready to be filled with food.
  • Once the drum is filled with food, hang it at a position that you can easily refill it when emptied. Use a strong and secure wire.
  • Hang it at a place that is attractive to the birds and also use different types of foods to attract even more birds.
  • Finally,carry out regular maintenance of the feeder to ensure that it is always filled with food, clean it when damp or dirty, making sure it is dry and in the event your feeder is damaged you can always replace it with a new one.

This is an amazing and cheap idea tocreate and simple but highly effective bird feeder. All you need is to master the steps and you will start attracting the birds. Also note that some areas are prone to squirrels and they often eat the bird food. You can protect the feeder from the squirrels by making it lighter or adding a cage-like protector that the squirrels cannot access. The squirrel proof bird feeder is therefore essential to get you starting feeding your birds as the food will be safe.…

Birds, Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

Birds, Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

When we talk about birds, we classify them in the groups of endothermic vertebrates that are normally characterized by feathers, have a beak with no teeth, they lay eggs with a hard-shell and they have a high metabolic rate. Their heart is divided into four chambers and have a strong skeleton that is of a light weight. Birds also have wings that are more or less developed depending on the species, but the group that is only known not to have wings are the extinct Elephant and Moas birds. These wings evolved from the forelimbs and gave most birds the ability to fly. Some species of birds have adopted to aquatic environments, such as the flightless penguins and the duck family.

domesticated birds for economic

We have birds species that are very intelligent, such as parrots and corvids as they make and use of toolsand pass on the knowledge from one generation to the next. The habit of birds being social is renowned, they communicate in visual signs, songs and calls. They also have social behavior, such as flocking, hunting, mobbing and cooperate breeding. Some birds have an economic importance, such as production of eggs, meat, feathers and fertilizer. Most of these are domesticated to help in such important economic produce.read more review.


Birds, Birdhouses and Bird Feeders


If you are a lover for domesticated birds for economic, pleasure or any other purpose, then you better get the right birdhouse for them. Quality bird houses shelter birds and they add a decorative aspect to your yard or house. They are made from a wide range of materials, from metal to wooden nest boxes. They have a variety of styles that include copper top finishes, vinyl construction, painted or rustic designs. These wide range of designs can also be incorporated in your house to give it an attractive aesthetic appearance. Therange of pricing depends considerably on the designs and materials used to make them.

Bird feeders are devices that are placed outside the house and help in supplying food for birds. For a bird feeder to be successful, it must be placed strategically so as to attract birds and also different bird species have variant preferences for food so this should also be taken into consideration. Most of the foods that are supplied by the bird feeders include sunflower, Niger seed, millet, safflower, and canola seed among others. The bird feeders can be placed at homes or other areas mainly for the purposes of bird watching. There are many types of bird feeders that range from seed feeders, oriole feeders, suet feeders, hummingbird feeders and others. Squirrels are cute but have the annoyinghabit of taking the content of the feeders for themselves and for this reason there have been techniques to develop squirrel proof bird feeders. Most are developed to collapse on the weight of squirrels or have batteries that shock the intruders, while others are designedto keep the squirrels at bay.